Four Signs Your Pet Needs An Emergency Animal Hospital

Your pet is not just an animal to you: they are a member of your family and your best friend. They are there waiting for you when you come home from work. They are ready to snuggle with you or play depending on their mood. They are always there for you and never have any complaints. The only downside to your pet not complaining is that they can’t tell you when they are in pain or need emergency medical attention. One of the scariest things is to see your family member and best friend in pain. Knowing your pet means watching for signs of change in their behavior or routine. Here are a few suggestions to know when it may be time to take your pet to an emergency animal hospital for medical attention. 

Reasons to visit an emergency animal hospital immediately:

  • Severe accident: Sadly, accidents occur all the time. If any type of serious accident has happened to your pet, don’t hesitate to take them immediately to your emergency animal hospital. From car accidents to simply running into something to animal fights, there are any number of possibilities that could happen on a daily basis that could harm your pet. Unfortunate events happen all the time, but the After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic is open for you day and night to care for your pet when they’re hurt and need medical attention. 
  • Birthing complications: It is an exciting time to have new little ones in the house, but the birthing process can be scary. Here is what to watch for when your pet is giving birth:
    • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: If you start to see green or red discharge but the labor has not started yet, go directly to the emergency room. During labor if pure blood comes out or there is a foul smelling pus, an emergency team is needed right away. 
    • Pregnancy Toxemia: If your pet begins to seize, show weakness or extreme difficulty in pushing, head straight to an emergency animal hospital. 
    • Other Complications: If you feel that there is some obstruction or the babies are not positioned properly, head to the emergency room. Or if there has not been any progress and labor has lasted longer than 24 hours, your pet needs to be in an animal hospital right away.  
  • Seizures begin: Few things are scarier than seeing your pet seize and shake uncontrollably. If your pet has been seizing for more than five minutes or has had two seizures in an hour, come to the emergency room. Animals coming out of a seizure will be scared, and when they are scared, even the nicest of pets can become violent. Ere on the side of caution when bundling up your pet to bring them to the emergency animal hospital for care and testing. 
  • Changed behavior: If your sweet, kind pet suddenly becomes violent unprovoked, go to the emergency room. There are almost always underlying issues as to why your pet’s personality has changed so suddenly. They may be in pain internally and are showing that pain in defensive anger. The emergency veterinarians will be there with the right equipment to help calm your pet down and get them back to their loving selves. 

The next time you find yourself in need of an emergency animal hospital, come to the After Hours Emergency Clinic. Our staff is ready to care for your pet at a moment’s notice. If you are unsure if your pet needs an emergency room, our on-call vets can help guide you to the best decision for your pet and their unique situation.