Your Choice for An Emergency Animal Hospital in Greensboro

For quality service you can trust for your best friend, After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic is your number one choice. Our experienced staff has been caring for animals for years, and we take our jobs very seriously. Nothing is worse than having your pet get hurt after regular vet hours and not knowing where you can go to get help. AHVEC in Greensboro is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Choose AHVEC as your Emergency Animal Hospital in Greensboro

With a wide range of services including ultrasonography, blood chemistry, cardiology, radiology, and more. Our experienced veterinarians work quickly and efficiently to care for your pet when they need it most. Here are just a few reasons AHVEC is the best emergency animal hospital in the Greensboro area.

  • For Location
    Conveniently located on Friendly Avenue in Greensboro, you can quickly get to our emergency animal hospital via I-40 or I-73. We provide service to Greensboro and neighboring cities and are easily accessible day or night. From High Point to Kernersville to Winston-Salem, our staff is here to help treat your pet 24/7.
  • For Care
    When it comes to taking care of your furry best friend, you want the best in every area. Our staff cares about every pet we help and want to get them back on their feet as quickly as we can. We take excellent care of your furry friend the entire time they are at our emergency animal hospital, from initial examinations to tests to surgeries. We know how important pets are to our clients which is why we work so hard to care for them as our own while they are with us.
  • For Customer Service
    The first experience you have with any of our staff is with our secretaries at the front desk. Our customer service is one of the many areas we pride ourselves on for our clients, so whether it’s an emergency in the middle of the night or a phone call asking if you should bring your pet in for care, our staff is happy to answer your questions and help you in any way they can. Quality customer service is so important in emergency situations which is why we only hire the best.
  • For Accessibility
    Having a regular vet for your pet is important for regularly-scheduled checkups, but in an emergency situation after hours, most veterinary clinics are not open. Our emergency animal hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure every pet can get care any time of day. Our doors are always open, so you know your furry friend will always have a place to go if an emergency arises.
  • For Experience
    Our veterinarians have decades of combined experience in the animal hospital and veterinary space. Dr. Streck is the owner of AHVEC and has lived in Greensboro for over 40 years. He owns several dogs and has been a vet for more than 10 years. Dr. Deaton and Dr. Samoska are the other two vets at our emergency animal hospital. Dr. Deaton owns three dogs and a cat and has worked with us since 2012. Dr. Samoska began working at AHVEC in 2014 and is specifically skilled at soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, and critical care.

Servicing Greensboro and surrounding areas, AHVEC prides ourselves on providing excellent service to all of our guests, both human and animal. We care about your pet and want to provide thorough care, day or night. Contact us for more information about the services we offer. If you have an emergency, no appointment or calling ahead is necessary. Just bring your pet in to our emergency animal hospital for care and let our experienced vets help your furry friend get back to their loving, playful self.