Reliable 24 Hour Vet Care in Greensboro

When it comes to our furry friends, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for them. They’re our best friends: the ones who are there waiting for us when we come home every day. The ones who bring a smile to our face when we’re sad, and snuggle up with us when we don’t feel well. They play with us and keep us active and on our toes. So when it comes to taking care of them, we want only the best because that’s what they deserve. That’s why it is so important to find a reliable, 24 hour vet clinic near you before you ever need one. You don’t want to try googling, “24 hour vet near me” as you’re running out of the house trying to figure out which animal hospital is open that is closest to you. You want to know exactly where to go if an emergency ever comes up. It could make a huge difference for your furry friend when it’s needed most.

Just as we pay attention to where the hospitals are near us and which ones are closest, emergency vet clinics aren’t all the same. There are several things to look for when researching vet hospitals near you.

  • You want to find an emergency clinic that is actually open 24 hours. This is important as accidents don’t conveniently happen during normal working hours. They happen all day, every day, even on holidays and weekends. Knowing you’ve chosen an emergency clinic you know will be open is so vital in emergency situations when you need to get to your vet quickly.
  • You want to find a vet hospital that is within a reasonable driving distance. You can start by googling “24 hour vet near me” to see what comes up and start doing your research from there. Depending on where you’re located, one animal hospital may be just a bit further than the other, so this is where the other factors come into play to know which one you should plan to visit if the need arises.
  • You want to check on their reviews. Be wary of some as not all reviews are completely true, but if you notice a pattern of really good reviews or really bad reviews, that should tell you whether or not you want to keep looking into that vet hospital. Reviews can help you see if the vet clinic is kind to the animals, quick to act in emergencies, and is helpful in explaining what is going on with your pet and what your furry friend needs to get better.
  • You want to see what services the vet emergency clinic offers. Every vet hospital is different, so finding out what services are offered can help you decide which emergency clinic should be your go-to. If they don’t offer emergency surgeries or have any equipment for x-rays and scans, it would be best to find one that does. You never know what your pet may need, and time is usually a factor in emergencies.

If you’re looking for a reliable 24 hour vet near you, AHVEC is located in Greensboro right off I-73 and I-40, making it easy to access and get to from several directions. Our vets love animals and work hard to care for each one that comes through our doors. If you have any questions about our services, contact our main office any time. If it’s an emergency, appointments are not necessary nor is calling in. Just come straight to our clinic, and we’ll do everything we can to get your furry friend feeling as good as new.