Choosing A Trusted Emergency Vet near Kernersville

When an emergency arises and you aren’t sure what to do, usually we as humans either panic and quickly try to figure out a solution or fall back to what we already know and have planned. Of course we can never plan for every emergency situation, but if an accident were to happen with your pet, do you know what you would do? Would you call your local vet? What if it’s after hours? Where would you go? How should you respond while at home? There are so many things that could run through your head, which is why having a plan in place ahead of time can save you panic and worry and could also save your pet.

Where should you go if your regular vet is closed?

If your local veterinarian is closed due to it being after hours, a weekend or a holiday, who should you call or where should you go for an emergency? You need to find a local emergency vet near you in the Kernersville area. It should be an office that is easily accessible and open after hours, weekends, and holidays. Be sure to check for all three of those times because accidents always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, and if you don’t have a lot of time to get to the vet, every minute counts.

What should I look for in an emergency vet?

One of the biggest things to ask or look for when researching emergency veterinarians is the services they can offer. Do they have the equipment needed for emergency surgeries? Are their facilities big enough to handle more than one emergency in a night? You also should find out if their staff cares about the animals. Just as you trust your local vet to care for your furry friend, an emergency vet is taking care of your pet during a very scary and stressful situation. Knowing your pet is cared for and in good hands can help ease your stress while waiting for news from the animal hospital during an emergency.

What can an emergency vet do?

Your emergency vet should be able to provide the more expected services like x-rays, do surgeries, perform exams, help with labor, and pump stomachs if necessary. They should also provide other diagnostics, such as blood chemistry, ultrasonography, have blood count machines, and more. If your emergency vet has a wide variety of services they can offer, no matter what the emergency, they should be able to provide the proper care to your pet.

Will an emergency vet keep my pet overnight?

While the animal hospital will do everything they can to provide care and the necessary immediate treatments for your furry friend, often your pet may need to stay overnight. This could be due to something minimal like observation or for larger concerns like healing or needing more treatments over the course of a few days. But as soon as they can get your pet steady, your emergency vet should allow your pet to go home with you to heal in a place they feel comfortable and loved.

Should I take stray animals to an emergency vet?

Every animal hospital is different in how they handle stray animals or if they’ll even take them in for treatment, but at AHVEC, we do accept stray animals in our pet hospital. When a stray animal is brought to us, the good samaritan who brought in the animal must give up all rights to or future knowledge of the animal. We then provide treatment and care until we can help them find a good home through a shelter or take them to licensed wildlife rehabilitators where they can heal and rest until they’re ready to return to the wild.

If you’re in the Kernersville area and are looking for a caring and trusted emergency vet, AHVEC is just 15 minutes away in Greensboro. Our office is accessed by I-73, making it quick and easy to get there from anywhere nearby. We hope we’ve helped you plan for future emergencies so you can act instead of react to the situation at hand and know exactly what you need to do and where to go.