Pet Resources

Pet ResourcesHoliday pet tips: Avoid pet emergencies during the holidays. What items in your house do you need to be aware of to avoid a pet emergency?

Winter pet tips: Tips to keep your pets safe and healthy throughout the cold winter months.

Spring pet tips: The end of winter means more time outdoors in the warm sunshine. Is your pet ready? Here are a few tips for keeping your pet healthy this spring.

Summer pet tips: Here are some tips to help you keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy this summer.

Choosing the right pet: When deciding on which type of pet is right for your family and lifestyle, there are many things to consider.

What to do if you find a lost pet: You've found a lost pet, what steps should you take to help get it home safely?

Training a cat: You've likely heard that training your cat is futile. The truth is, it can be done but you will need a great deal of patience and consistence.

Pet Dental Health: Some preventative steps you can take to keep your pet healthy.

The Importance of Exercising Your Dog: Exercising your dog keeps him young at heart, his mind sharp, and his body in good shape.

How to Crate Train Your Dog: Crate training your puppy can be very beneficial, especially if you intend to travel with your dog or if he should ever need to be hospitalized.:

What's In My Dog's Food?: Don’t let dog food manufacturers scare you into feeding your dog any old thing but certainly don’t let them frighten you into thinking you’re not feeding your dog well enough.

How to Switch Dog Foods: There are a number of reasons why you would want or need to switch your dog’s food.

6 Ways to Handle Aggressive Dog Behavior: When you choose a breed of dog with requirements or demands that do not match your lifestyle, you can expect conflict in your pet-parent relationship.

Introducing a New Dog to Your Current Pets: With a little planning around the first introduction, you can ensure that your new furry family member makes the best possible impression on your current cats or dogs

How to Trim Your Cat's Claws: : Trimming your cat's nails is much less painful than having her declawed if done correctly. Here are several tips for trimming your cat's claws.

Introducing Young Children to a New Puppy Bringing a new puppy or dog into a home with young children requires some training for both humans and canines.

5 Dog Breeds That Are Great With Children Although a well-trained dog of any breed can handle living with children, certain breeds are well-known for getting along great with kids!

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Worried about your dog being bored while you’re away at work? Here are 5 ways to keep your pooch entertained while you’re out.

7 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian Don't be afraid to ask your vet questions, even if you have to make a list between visits to help you remember. What questions should you ask?