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Guilford College Animal Hospital offers 24 hour general practice services including:

  • Wellness Plans
    • Annual wellness packages are discounted plans that include choices ranging from core vaccination and wellness preventative needs up to comprehensive vaccination and diagnostic screening for a broad range of medical conditions on an annualized basis
      • Choose from Core, Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans
      • Annual plans start at a very competitive $87
    • Package prices and recommendations are age and weight dependent
  • Vaccinations and preventative care
    • While vaccinations are included in all wellness plans, many clients opt to have custom tailored vaccine protocols that best meet their pet’s lifestyle and age
    • Our staff is here to help you make the most informed decisions regarding which vaccines are most appropriate for your pet and how often that they should be given
    • If you have a concern about vaccine frequency, complications with vaccination, or adverse effects, we are here to help
    veterinarian services greensboro

    24 Hour General Practice Services

  • Medical
    • Our veterinarians have the tools and experience to diagnose and manage even the most complex of medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid disease, pediatric and geriatric disorders, and endocrine problems
    • Advanced on-site diagnostics include digital radiography, ultrasononography, video endoscopy, blood chemistry and complete blood count tests, and electrolyte, blood gas, and coagulation analysis
    • Because we are here 24 hours a day, your pet will never be left in the hospital overnight unattended when being treated for a medical condition in our facility
    • 24 hour access to consultation with board certified specialists in:
      • internal medicine
      • radiology
      • critical care
      • cardiology
      • dermatology
      • oncology
      • ophthalmology
      • anesthesiology
      • neurology
  • Surgical
    • From basic spays, neuters and declaws to the most complicated soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures, Guilford College Animal Hospital is capable of handling most of your pets general surgical needs
    • Offering highly competitive and deeply discounted pricing for common surgeries like spays, neuters, and declaws; we aim to bring these procedures back to the general practice that knows your pet best and away from the high volume, low cost, low quality spay and neuter clinics
  • Dental
    • vet services greensboro

      Call Us Anytime, Day or Night

    • Dental health goes hand-in-hand with overall health
    • From routine dental care to advanced oral procedures, we can help
  • Hospice Care
    • Many patients with chronic disease conditions require special palliative care as their disease progresses
    • Our staff is trained in helping you make the end of life decisions that are best for you and your pet
  • Prescription diets
    • We offer the best prescription diets available on the market today to best meet your pet’s medical needs
    • Hills Science Diet is available in house
    • Other brands of prescription diet are available for outside purchase with a prescription or by advanced order as needed
  • Bathing, clipping, and boarding
    • Baths and all-over clips are available by appointment
    • General and medical boarding for cats is available but only medical boarding for dogs is available at this time
    • Schedule an Appointment
      • Medical boarding is designed for those with special medical needs that make outside boarding facilities less than ideal
      • Our friendly staff will make sure that your pet is monitored and cared for around the clock
We look forward to welcoming you and your pet. Everyone on our staff is here to provide the best possible healthcare for your animals and a level of client satisfaction second to none. Call us anytime, day or night.