Emergency Services

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Our 24 hour vet services are actually a special relationship between AHVEC and GCAH. That is, we operate as a general practice M-F 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM and provide the same competitive fee structure during our after hours* emergency vet services to clients of GCAH.

Whether you’re coming from a Burlington or High Point Veterinary Emergency Clinic, our dual-purpose clinic, part general practice, part emergency vet, will save you time. No more transferring documentation. No more moving your pet while in critical condition. We are not limited by operating hours and our resources and capabilities will meet your pet’s needs.

For more stable patients that are best served by returning to their primary care veterinarian at an outside facility (most common), you have the added convenience of transferring your pet back to your regular veterinarian on your timeline. You don’t necessarily have to get here by 8AM to pick up, as it would be with other stand-alone emergency clinics.

Your pet receives the best possible care because WE CARE enough to tailor a diagnostic and therapeutic protocol to your individual needs, after educating you about your pet's condition and the diagnostic and therapeutic options that are available. We pride ourselves on EDUCATING CLIENTS so that they can make the decision that is in the best interest of their pet AND their family.